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Monthly Archives: December 2012


As more people discover our show, one of the things people keep asking us about is our theme song…”What song is this?” “Who’s the artist?”… and when we tell people that the artist is Gadget Car, they say… “Who the fuck is Gadget Car??”

In an effort to try and put and end to that last question, here’s some info about our friends and collaborators Gadget Car.

Gadget Car was formed in East LA in 2006. They currently have 1 album titled “Micho’s Looking For You”. If you ask anyone that has ever heard Gadget Car’s music what their favorite song is, they will tell you that it’s “Pan Dulce”.

“Pan Dulce” is also the theme song for Hey Vato… Oh and one of the band members is our very own Marc Rivera.

…”Who the fuck is Marc Rivera???”

If you dig Gadget Car’s sound, check them out on Facebook:


Aaaaaannnd… in the spirit of the season the vatos want to hook you up with a free download of “Pan Dulce” in it’s entirety!!! (link below)




A few months ago Hey Vato creators, Robert and Juan, were interviewed by journalist and blogger extraordinaire Sara Inés Calderón. This is Hey Vato’s first article ever! You can check it out here (link below)… You might even find out about the BIG things we’ve been working on.